Will the Journeyer
Will the Journeyer

Shamanic Links

There are some amazing healers and resources on the web. I have endeavored to compile a small and incomplete list of those resources: 



  1. Sandra Ingerman: http://sandraingerman.com/
  2. Betsy Bergstrom: http://www.betsybergstrom.com/
  3. Kent Dorsey: http://www.spiritssong.com/
  4. Ana Larramendi: http://www.thehollowbone.com/
  5. Caroline Kenner: http://www.mythkenner.com/



  1. The Foundation of the Sacred Stream: https://www.sacredstream.org/
  2. The Living Dying Project: http://livingdying.org/
  3. Society of Shamanic Practitioners: http://www.shamansociety.org/
  4. Center for Shamanic Healing: http://www.centerforshamanichealing.com/
  5. Celebrate Life Progressive Spiritual Community: http://www.celebratelifesf.org/











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