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Will the Journeyer

Healing Story #2:

This client is a middle-aged woman, who is amazingly insightful, and has well developed spiritual practice. She asked me to do a soul retrieval for her, and I was honored and humbled that she would ask me. She gave me some inkling concerning her past. Her voyage in this lifetime has had a lot of pain. I ask her if there is anything that I need to know. She says that she has a horrible pain in her neck. She points to the back of her neck, a place that I know from experience where malevolent spirits like to gain access. I do a diagnostic, and wince in pain as I circle around to her first chakra. Ouch. This may be a past life soul retrieval, but there is more… Sexual molestation. 

Her healing story: 

I begin my journey and travel to the upper world. One of my spirit guides is the Scribe. He is an old man with a long beard all dressed in white. He is always writing in a huge book with a quill pen and has numerous ink spots on his hands and clothes from the quill pen. He listens to my story and nods wisely – this is good because sometimes he is curt and surly.  The Scribe takes me to the hall of mirrors – a huge building on the scale of a cathedral. Massive mirror like shards are hanging in rows on both sides of the building, obscuring the walls of the structure. Light flows in from above. The jagged shards are turning slowly, reflecting each other and my client’s life. As I walk through the building, the chards start reflecting her past lives. I look into the mirror shards and see many lifetimes. There are a lot of horses and much pain. She is a chambermaid in one, sleeping in a barn in another. She gets bucked off a horse in another and breaks her neck. Could this be the root cause of her pain? Many lives are uneventful, and filled with monotony, pain and cold. It is unrelenting. She is in Europe in more recent lives, but back in the steppes of Asia in older lives. 

Back in this reality, I put one hand under her neck and one on her solar plexus – she needs to let go of what no longer serves her. I feel things loosening up and eventually remove my hand and watch as black goo oozes out of her neck – a place where she keeps pain. I also feel her 3rd chakra strengthen. Good. 

I finally find a lifetime where she is devoid of pain. From the hall of mirrors, I am transported to central Asia, many centuries ago. I see an adorable little girl who is 7 – 8 years old. She is playing outside. She is quite the tomboy, and has a crush on the boy down the street, well “path” is more like it. Her father, who is a rug merchant, does not approve. The boy’s family are mere farmers and therefore unworthy of his daughter. She loves to ride horses, but was admonished by her family not to do so. She is about marriageable age and needs to protect the evidence of her virginity. But there was love and community in this life, and so I took this former life’s pure and innocent essence and reunite it with my client. 

My client said that when I blew the soul part back into her, she immediately journeyed that she was being flayed alive, chopped apart, and that Kali then took her skin and proceeded to dance maniacally around a huge fire. Then, when that was over, Kali reassembled her body parts and put back her skin so that she could return back to this reality. While the vision was incredibly graphic, it was ultimately quite healing because she had been made over and born again. She loved the story about all the horses saying that she has been “of the blacksmith line” for generations. Also, that the smell of an Asian rug she found for sale last year is what caused her to also believe that she had had a former life in Kazakhstan, so my choice of her father being a rug merchant was right on. She also acknowledged that in this lifetime she had been raped so my hunch about molestation had also been correct. She asked about the pain in her neck. I was at first cagey about answering, but finally said that I had seen her fall off a horse and die from a neck injury. I said that the pain she was enduring was for a purpose and that she was destined to be a great spiritual healer, and that unfortunately the pain was necessary to make that happen. She nodded and started to cry. But it was a healing cry, a purifying cry. I got misty myself. 

Checking in a few days later revealed that she no longer had any neck pain, and her joyous smile revealed that some significant healing work had in fact occurred. It made me smile, I was happy for her. 


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