Will the Journeyer
Will the Journeyer

Healing Stories

One of the most important ways a shamanic practitioner has to heal is the healing story. Many times the story is a parable, filled with symbolism. Other times it can be a metaphor, driving home a point on how to produce loving change in the client. Ultimately, the point of the story is to make it easier for the client to cast off what is no longer needed, and embrace what can truly help the person to become his or her best and most loving one true self. These stories come from spirit, and are in no way my own. By being a "hollow bone" or a conduit to allow the healing to take place, I am merely acting as a means of communication for those who would like to help. 


I have assembled a few of these healing stories from my own healing experiences so that you can get a better sense of how I work:



Healing Story #1


Healing Story #2


Healing Story #3







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