Will the Journeyer
Will the Journeyer


Sandra Ingerman (http://sandraingerman.com/) is arguably one of the most celebrated international shamanic teachers and practitioners alive today. She has written close to a dozen books on shamanism, spoke at the UN and leads workshops all over the world designed to train shamanic practitioners. I am honored to be on her international list of approved shamanic practitioners:




I encourage you to check out her site - it is a treasure trove of wonderful information about shamanism. Her books are also amazing. 





"Will is a brilliant, dedicated shaman. Committed to his work, he has trained with some of the best shamans in this country. He brings clarity and a commitment to do good. His ability to “see” is exceptional. I have used his services professionally and I am continuously impressed by his curiosity and passion for this work. He cleared my office building, which is a 150 year old building with a storied history. Everyone has commented on the difference his work made and I saw a substantial positive change in behavior in many of the office staff. I recommend you check out his services and see what he can do for you."


Merle Yost, LMFT







As a fellow Shamanic Practitioner, I met Will in 2014 at a week-long Soul Retrieval workshop in Southern California. I immediately noticed his sensitivity to the energies of those around him. He exhibited an amazing, innate ability to “read” exactly where someone was at emotionally in the moment, and tune in to his or her overall state of mind. I observed him time and time again spontaneously connect with his helping spirits to assess a person’s mental state, then proceed to work with those spirits to determine the best approach toward restoring balance and wholeness. His extensive training with well known Community Elders allows him to perform healings that address an individual’s unique set of circumstances.
In a modern world overflowing with spiritual illness, Will harnesses the power of Shamanism to manifest profound, life changing shifts in the way people relate to themselves and the world around them. It’s a shame that so many of us suffer needlessly for lack of the most ancient of healing modalities. Fortunately for us all, the art of Shamanism is being rediscovered, and competent, trained practitioners like Will are available to perform this much needed service.

Deborah DeeDee Aiono Freeman
Certified Hypnotherapist
Reiki and Shamanic Practitioner 
Law of Attraction Coach






Will is the real thing. 

He has built his expertise in Shamanic healing and it shows in the results.

Im a skeptic and Will guided me through the process so that I felt comfortable, safe and the whole experience was not too "Woo-Woo."

He is down to earth and has a great sense of humor so it put me right at ease.

After the first session, I felt a heaviness was lifted off my spirit and in the weeks ahead continued to notice subtle but profound changes.

Don't ask me how it works but it does.


Mark Marion, LMFT











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